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Our History
Our Beginnings

The Beigel family opened their small bake shop in their hometown of Krakow, Poland. When dark days descended with the Nazi invasion, Beigel’s was thrust into a heroic role. People were starving. Throngs flocked to Beigel’s hoping to receive some nourishment. Ignoring the great risk to their personal welfare, Beigel’s provided these suffering people with fresh bread. Although Beigel’s had great difficulty procuring ingredients, they persevered and fed countless individuals. And they did this without receiving any remuneration.
Baking in America

In 1949 the Beigel family brought their quality baking to the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Amidst stiff competition they rose to become a favorite among the teeming population of post-war New York. It was here that they introduced their trademark Black and White Cookie to an enthusiastic reception. This cookie has become New York’s signature cookie, with Beigel’s churning out over a hundred million of them to date. Beigel’s fresh, delicious and famous cookies of all varieties have become a classic favorite not only in the Big Apple, but nationwide as well. In the 1950's they outgrew the Lower East Side facility and moved to new quarters in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Their expanded facilities allowed the family to expand the product line to include some of the most popular items today.
Beigel's Big Boom

Beigel’s reputation and business began to flourish. Favorable reviews in respected publications helped to open new doors to distribution including airlines, healthcare facilities, schools and other institutions. Costco, Sam’s Club, and Krogers all featured the Beigel’s label. In the early 2000s the Williamsburg facility became too small and Beigel's moved to a new facility triple the size in Clinton Hill, downtown Brooklyn.
Here We Are Today

In 2015 We needed to expand once again. Our sprawling, spanking brand new facility in Canarsie features the latest, cutting-edge innovations in baking. Combined with our old-world sensibilities when it comes to the quest for quality, we have become a world-class facility, capable of providing excellence on a grand scale.

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