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"Dear Beigel's"

Everyday we strive to do better so that we may truly deserve the trust and loyalty of our customers.
"I have been a customer of Beigel's Bakery for over 50 years. You were a small retail bakery when my family and I came to America, and you were known even then for your quality and service. Over the years, you have grown and prospered, and the Beigel's Bakery quality and service has not suffered. Everybody makes mistakes, and Beigel's Bakery is not any different. What makes you unique is how you go about rectifying your errors."
- Jack Lebewohl

"I deal with Beigels Bakery in many capacities, and am always proud to serve their products. The boys in yeshiva love the fresh bread in the morning. In camp they love the homemade-tasting challah. In catering, my customers enjoy all the fresh, mouthwatering cakes, desserts and cookies. Truly a bakery for everyone. Not only are their products fresh and tasty, but their customer service is par excellence. They try to accommodate every last detail. So enjoy!"
- Yosef Oldak, Oldak Caterers, Yeshiva Shor Yoshuv, Camp Dora Golding

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